Since sales and marketing provide the greatest opportunity to increase sales, Summit Hotel Management Company gives it top priority. Focusing on increasing revenues and ultimately profits, Summit creates a program directed to the wants and needs of each property's target markets. In order to realize the maximum potential of each property, we offer one of the most aggressive and targeted sales and marketing programs in the industry. Our record in improving performance and profits for all types of properties is well documented. Summit recognizes that each property is unique. From luxury oceanfront resorts to limited service inns, each property must be carefully positioned in the marketplace on the basis of its unique ability to satisfy the demands of that particular market. In order to ensure higher occupancy with increased sales and profits year after year, each hotel needs its own marketing plan. As owners of more than half the hotels we represent, it's no wonder why we are a marketing driven company. There is no greater satisfaction in marketing than to build repeat business for hotels year after year.

  • DIRECT SALES - Summit Hotel Management Company has a team of aggressive, well-trained salespersons selling the system of hotels on a daily basis. We believe in the "back to basics" philosophy of targeting our clients and calling on them personally so we may capture and retain their business. A companywide incentive program encourages each salesperson to sell all of the Summit hotels during their sales calls.

  • SALES TRAINING - The company provides each hotel with companywide and regional custom-tailored sales training programs. These training sessions afford each hotel the opportunity to exchange ideas with hotels marketing similar products. Summit also offers training on how to develop new markets.

  • MARKETING PROGRAMS - Summit Hotel Management Company provides a full line of sales and marketing manuals that explain the company's sales and marketing philosophies on building business.

  • MAJOR ACCOUNT REPRESENTATION - The company's major account sales force sells each Summit hotel to the world's major corporations, government agencies, wholesalers, tour operators, motorcoach operators, associations, travel agencies, and airlines. Each hotel is represented during negotiations with these giants.

  • DEVELOPMENT - Summit Hotel Management Company operates in all facets of the hospitality industry. We own, operate, lease, and manage properties. We build properties from the ground up, enjoying planned expansion through efforts of a development team. We perform detailed feasibility analyses for identified markets and properties, and offer preliminary sales and marketing audits. We will evaluate all areas of a hotel's sales and marketing department and report this information to the asset manager.

  • FRANCHISE SERVICES AND EVALUTION - Summit Hotel Management Company operates and has developed strong relationships with most major national franchises. We are able to evaluate which chain is the most effective for specific locations and markets. We can expedite chain procedures through our effective relationships.

  • ADVERTISING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS - Each Summit hotel can enjoy discounts on such items as outdoor boards, property brochures, and directory advertising. Several stock promotions are available for a fraction of the normal cost. In addition to cost savings, Summit offers standardized, market-tested programs.

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