Summit Hotel Management Company is widely recognized for its track record and philosophy of personal management. It has grown to one of the nation's top hotel management groups. Its management team is highly experienced and provides hotels with the edge needed to ensure profitability. Summit has corporate offices in Florida, Georgia and Arizona. These locations allow Summit to provide intense attention to all its properties on a consistent basis.

Financial planning and central accounting are keys to a property's success. Summit's staff of certified public accountants supervise all hotel accounting procedures. Summit provides a variety of accounting management support systems tailored to each hotel's specific needs. Summit maintains the necessary relationships to facilitate property sales and to obtain financing for renovations, expansions, and new hotel ventures.

Summit Hotel Management Company consults legal experts to protect owners' investments from hotel operation liabilities. These liabilities include guest safety, financial concerns, franchise relations, and other matters that can jeopardize a property's successful operations.

Summit Hotel Management Company provides intensive training to ensure high levels of productivity in all phases of its hotel operations. The firm develops a comprehensive supervisors' manual and employees are required to participate in individualized, departmental training programs offered on a regular and as-needed basis.

Summit Hotel Management Company has developed volume buying power and works with the nation's top-rated insurance companies to provide the most comprehensive policies available in the hospitality industry for property damage, liability, health, dental, and workers' compensation. With premium rates increasing, this service affords owners a considerable savings and marked increase in the bottom line.

Summit Hotel Management Company has successfully restored and renovated hotels and restaurants of various sizes and types. Additionally, the firm builds hotels from the ground up. Summit oversees all aspects of the renovation that can include market research and financing. Summit coordinates each project with the property's franchiser to ensure compliance with established guidelines. A long history of volume purchasing enables Summit property owners to enjoy significant savings when planning renovations and expansions.

The Summit management team has expertise in the design, construction, kitchen planning, employee training, and operation of varied types of food and beverage facilities. Additionally, the firm has developed relationships with national franchisers.

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